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Default Re: 29 Tudor charging system question

Originally Posted by Jim/GA View Post
Have you set the charge rate down to 8 amps and measured the volts at the battery again?

It sounds like you really need a different ammeter. Call Bert's.


I finished rebuilding the generator. I also installed the old ammeter that was in the car when I started the restoration (I swapped the bezels so the old ammeter looks new--it works okay)

The generator puts out 6 amps at fast idle with 7.5 volts steady!

Two questions though--

#1--I hear a whining noise coming from the generator at high idle. If I take a plastic stick and touch the 3rd brush the whine goes away. I am thinking that maybe that whine will go away when the brush seats in???

#2--When I turn on the headlights the dash ammeter reads negative 6 amps. I assume if the generator is only putting out 6 amps that when the headlights are turned on a discharge reading would be normal. I guess if the car is going to be driven a lot at night I would need to adjust the 3rd brush. Seems like a PITA to me!
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