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Default Re: Firewall Insulation

Originally Posted by Ruth View Post
Jim, what would you recommend using to insulate in the kick panel areas? I have the firewall insulator and jute fiber under the carpet.
It depends a bit on the body style, but remove the kick panels and look for all places where hot air comes up into the kick panel area from under the hood. The gaps are quite large on my phaeton and you can really see them with the kick panels off. You have to seal these off. I forced large blocks of foam into the gaps to seal them. You can't see them from under the car.

Use a light under the hood, under the car body, in a dark building to look for light leaks inside the car. These are hot air leaks.

Then, between the metal body and the inside kick panel, use whatever thermal insulation you like. I put a layer of Dynamat on the metal for a bit of sound deadening, followed by a piece of fiberglass batting cut to fit.

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