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Default Replacing glass in Murray Town Sedan

A couple weeks ago I posted about replacing glass in my '30 Murray Town Sedan and got several good replies. I've now obtained the window glass, a channel kit, and new lower channel. I was getting ready today to start assembling everything and, of course, ran into a snag - so a couple questions before I commit to anything:

1)The Murray left-front lower glass channel I got from Snyders is different from the one that came off of there in that there is a lip on the channel that appears to go to the outside:

Looking at the channel for the Briggs TS, it doesn't seem to have the lip, which matches the one that came off of there.

It almost looks like another seal could go on the lip to seal the window to the door when closed. Looking at the one on the other side, it doesn't seem to have the lip either. I wouldn't be surprised if they just used what they could get when they replaced it quite some time ago - pretty sure its not original.

Is the channel with the lip to the outside correct? and does another seal go on there like the sponge at the top (I have enough sponge to do that)?

2) There was either no adhesive, or traces of very old adhesive on the side channels when it came out of there. I guessing there should be some adhesive on the side channels to keep them in place? A tube came with the channel kit. I know the foam seal at the top gets glued in.

3) There are two rubber blocks with the kit but no indication where they go, any ideas? Also a set of small black screws?

Thanks much for any feedback
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