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Default Re: 29 Tudor charging system question

Originally Posted by Jim/GA View Post
Have you set the charge rate down to 8 amps and measured the volts at the battery again?

It sounds like you really need a different ammeter. Call Bert's.


Thanks for your reply

I just did another test on the generator output.

Please note that the ammeter in the car does not work at all at this point.

I am using my Fluke 88 meter to see what the amperage is coming from the generator. I used another multi meter to check the voltage at the same time.

At a fast idle-
With high beam headlights ON-
All readings were pretty steady.

At a fast idle--
With headlights OFF-
voltage--Climbing to 8.4 volts
amperage--Also climbing to 11.0 amp (I had the engine for at least 20 minutes and the voltage and amperage did not go any higher)

I have moved the third brush in the generator as far as I could and it would only lower the amperage to about 10 amps at a fast idle.

Someone suggested that I place a jumper wire between the two connection studs in the terminal box on the firewall. I did that it it made no change in voltage or amperage.
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