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Default Re: Pickup turns 90 this month

Good morning,
Pickup is very straight, and I have only found 2 very small spots of rust through. One is a piece that is removeable and overlaps a rear fender and an adjacent piece on the underside. The other is on the left side of the inner frame of the cab.
Those wheels were for moving the truck from it's storage spot where it sat since '68. I have a set of 21s that will go on it.

And yes, plans are just that. Short story is last time I rode in her I was 7 and my Dad 35. He bought the pickup in 1960 and was in the process of restoring it. A promotion and move resulted in it being put in a barn. If I stay on track the pickup will get presented to him on his birthday in April. I'll be 59 and it will be his 87th birthday. He has no idea it is out of storage.

I expect he will be very surprised and pleased.
Located in NC
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