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Default Re: Would a May29 motor have a 3 and 1/4 inch long ID pad?

Ford didn't make a lot of changes to the engine block during it's normal production run. Most of the blocks I've seen have a stamping boss the same width as the coolant port boss just below it. If there are variations, I'm not aware of them.

Replacement blocks were cast for many years after model A production ceased production and there is some consensus that Ford did not produce them. They are referred to as diamond blocks having a small diamond shaped casting mark behind the front right side of the timing chest. There might be variations among those.

Ford made a change to the valve chamber cover to lower the oil return tube location for May of 29 but it really didn't change the block. Changes are listed in the service bulletins as a general rule. Most changes were for oiling or cooling. Earlier in 29, the rear main cap was changed from a forging to a casting but that's about all I can remember.
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