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Default Re: !935 Phaeton Temporary Dead Short +

Originally Posted by jfcrash View Post
I have not driven it again, but starts fine and does not short out or die when I rotate the lite switch on the steering wheel as many times as I did...
This may just be semantics to you, but what you are describing is not a short, it is an open circuit (or very high resistance circuit). Most likely caused by the generator interacting with something (most likely the battery) at the higher output levels. I would still have the battery check because it should be capable of handling the higher amperage loads. When a circuit shorts out, it is similar to fireworks with a lot of heat and burnt wiring if the fuse doesn't blow. And the fuse is another hint, it there was a short in the lighting circuit it would blow. And even a blown fuse would have no effect on the car starting and/or running as the ignition circuit is totally separate from the fuse. When everything does dead and the starter will not turn the engine over there is an open circuit somewhere in the area of the battery and the starter switch. The fact that the horn will still operate indicates that it is not a total open circuit but probably very high resistance to the point that the starter will not operate. Only thing I can relate that to is the battery if the other connections have been eliminated.
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