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Default Re: !935 Phaeton Temporary Dead Short +

Kevin , your answer to post 25, I was driving and stopping and each time I was changing the position of the 3rd brush and taking notes of the current output at various positions of the 3rd brush for anticipated night time driving, my last mark was at 14+ amps at 30mph. I drove home from there and it stayed there(14+) till the next day when I started the car and during warn up and my rotating the head light switch did the car dye... and would not start till after a cool down. etc.
I have moved the third brush back to the original position of 4 to 5 amps where it has been for 3+years.
I have traced all wires from each side of the fuse holder and resistor to their destination per the 35 wiring diagram as suggested. Checked the wires inside the bulb at the base of the steering column and see no evidence of sparking/shorting.

I have not driven it again, but starts fine and does not short out or die when I rotate the lite switch on the steering wheel as many times as I did...

I couldn't repair the brakes, so I adjusted the horn louder....
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