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lots of good suggestions above. I think one of the most common is as Tom said, the frame to box bolts not as tight as they should be and the pitman arm not as tight as well. I have noticed that the new sector housing that are being supplied with the oil seal DO NOT fit as tight as they always should... and varies as sectors vary in size.
As Marshall had said worn/defective parts as sectors and others can also cause a noise. Sea slugs also pointed out that it's very common for steering tubes ( outer sheetmetal tube ) to crack and break. With the engine running when driving you just don't hear the issue as much.

keep the tires down on the ground and get someone to help rotate the steering wheel a little ( play, and past play) and you will probably pinpoint where it's coming from.
also check all tie rod ends, end to tie rod bolts for tightness and steering arms both tight at the tie rods as well as at the spindles. It's good practice to just carefully inspect everything on the front end. Not that this is your problem but it's amazing how many have loose spring perch nuts and you can actually see space between the axle and the wishbone. Tighten all up as needed.

Hope you find it!
Larry Shepard
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