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Default Re: !!!Aftermarket Seatbelts My Bad Experience with RETROBELT USA (AKA TRUBELT)!!!

Originally Posted by Lamar Wadsworth View Post
I use genuine junkyard parts. The 3 point seat belts in Henrietta the '38 Ford pickup came out of a '70s Chevy pickup. Price was right (free) as a friend was junking out a full-size Chevy pickup that was rusted to pieces. They were easy to adapt to my truck.
No offense, but like I said on the HAMB, I'll buy used trim or a used intake, but not seatbelts. I have a 2 year old in a carseat that I want to be safe. Some used belts may be fine, but some may not. I know you might say the same for new belts, but I feel I am doing my best with new ones.
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