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Default Marco's Spring Chart and Code Guide

Someone asked several days ago what the letter codes are on Marco's rear spring chart. I probably can't find the question now, so I'll just post a new thread with the chart and guide.

A is for body style 55A, 130A, 140, 295A (10 leaf)
Tudor, Delux Delivery, Town Cars

B is for body style 35A,B; 45A,B; 49A; 50A,B; 68A,B; 190A (8 leaf)
Phaeton, Coupes, Fourdor Steelback, Vicky

C is for body style 40A,B (7 leaf)

D is for body style 60A,B,C; 130A,B; 155A,B,C,D; 165A,B,C,D; 170A,B;255A (10 leaf)
Fordor Leatherback, Delux Delivery, Town Sedan (Murray & Briggs), Fordor (Murray & Briggs)

E is for body style 76A,B; 78A,B; 79A,B; 82A,B; 85A,B; 150A,B; 225A (10 leaf)
Pickup, Panel Delivery

Thanks Marco for all the time you spend to do research and post valuable information!
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