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Flat32 03-15-2012 09:22 PM

!931 gas tank filler neck

My tank had ugly blistered paint around the filler neck and has a deformed.dented cowl surface in the area around it extending up to six inches away. I decided to take out the filler screen to try working out the dents and noticed the filler part the cap screws onto was loose. It can't come out the top of the tank so I pushed it in and it's now in the bottom of the tank. Found RTV on the inside tank surface around the hole so somebody had tried to fix it before me.

How were these necks fastened originally?? I figure it will have to be a solder job to repair, but it doesn't look like it was soldered as there's no solder residue.

It'll be a chore to clean the neck for soldering while it's trapped in the tank, but I'm retired and it's still raining. Is this a common problem??:confused::confused:


jw hash 03-16-2012 06:55 AM

Re: !931 gas tank filler neck

they were soldered in, I had one of my tanks dipped and they left it in the hot tank to long and my filler neck was on the bottom, so I took it to a radiator shop and had them fix it. the best way to fix it is to pull the tank, don`t forget the Puyallup swap meet this week end,

Craig Lewis 03-16-2012 10:11 AM

Re: !931 gas tank filler neck

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Here's a late 30 tank pic taken through the gauge opening. That's a band of factory solder around the filler.
This tank was redi-stripped & the white coating is tank liner.

It's been my experience that silicone melts in gas...

Flat32 03-16-2012 06:03 PM

Re: !931 gas tank filler neck

Found the solder. It's all on the neck covered with RTV. Providing I can get the assembly clean enough for solder would I be well enough or better off using JB weld instead??

To get enough heat for a decent solder job I'd need to use a torch and have to deal with all the safety prep. Another pita with soldering is the upside down orientation and solder's tendency to run out the bottom when the parts are hot enough for it to flow well.

Anybody use other than solder??



Craig Lewis 03-16-2012 11:44 PM

Re: !931 gas tank filler neck

Ray, this is going to require everything spotlessly cleaned & tinned and them pretty much soldered in place just like a radiator tank.
If you can handle this level of soldering using liquid acid flux and brushing the solder around you might find it a rewarding experiance...otherwise find a seasoned radiator man to do it.
I suppose you'll have to decide upon tank removal, or just washing it out on the car & maybe fill it with water and have a fan circulating the air over the top so she don't blow!

Oh ya...JB weld would probably work fine for a while at least...

ian Simpson 07-01-2016 10:21 PM

Re: !931 gas tank filler neck

Please do not use a torch for soldering.

Mike V. Florida 07-01-2016 10:28 PM

Re: !931 gas tank filler neck


Originally Posted by ian Simpson (Post 1317415)
Please do not use a torch for soldering.

This thread is 4 years old and Craig as well as flat32 have posted since, I think they did ok.

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