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modelamike65 05-06-2015 04:11 PM

'56 T-Bird rear spring removal

My problem is removal of the front bolt that secures the rear spring. I have released the rear shackle connections and released the spring from the rear axle and removed the nut from the front bolt that holds the spring. So there is no pressure anywhere along the spring. I am unable to even turn the front bolt that goes through the frame, the spring bushing and spring bracket. Has that bolt been pressed in place to cause this problem? When I pound on the end of the bolt with a punch and hammer, it sounds and feels like it is part of the frame.

54vicky 05-06-2015 05:58 PM

Re: '56 T-Bird rear spring removal

there is a steel sleeve moulded into rubber when new.they rust to the bolt making it next to impossible to remove.if you have a grinder and cutoff disc cut the head of the bolt off then cut the other side off taking care not to cut the bracket.once out use a propane or oxy-acetylene torch and burn rubber out it will fall out.using torch will save you a ton of fruitless not try hitting it while rubber is melting it will do bodily harm.

Milt K from Pa 05-06-2015 08:28 PM

Re: '56 T-Bird rear spring removal

Mikes 65,
I just went thru the same ordeal on my '57, though not as bad. One side was easy, the other was a b**cH. There is enough room on each side of the spring to use a cut-off wheel ( small diameter )to remove the spring by slicing the bolt, without damaging the frame supports. Once the spring is out of the way, soak the remnants of the bolt in the frame with penetrating oil for a while, and apply torque to the bolt in both directions. Also, be careful if you use an impact gun, you could expand the bolt body in the frame and jam it.
Good luck.
Milt K from Pa

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