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TLR 07-07-2020 06:58 AM

late 31 fuel bowl and valve

A couple questions, is there a short version of the glass fuel bowl used on the 31 late model a with indented firewall? Bought a new one but it is to long to fit inside the strap. Are there 2 styles with different length glass bowls.

Also see a lot of pics with the fuel shutoff valve on the carb side of the sediment bowl, seems you want to be able to shut the gas off before the bowl to clean it out. Any pictures would be helpful.


Jim/GA 07-07-2020 07:24 AM

Re: late 31 fuel bowl and valve

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Everything you describe sounds incorrect for a late-31 with an indented firewall (it might just be my misunderstanding of your description).

There is a shutoff valve up on the firewall. Then a steel line (no filter or sediment bowl yet) down to the carb. A small sediment bowl/filter is bolted to the side of the carb and the steel fuel line goes into it. The sediment bowl (all cast iron) has a little drain valve on the bottom of it, to drain water and dirt out.

There is a good picture of the fuel system in the original owner's manual (Ford called it the Instruction Book) in Fig. 11 and the carb in Fig. 12, in the attached PDF file here.


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