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3twinridges 12-28-2016 01:27 PM

EAB cam with 8BA heads?

Has anyone run this combo and know if I would have valve clearance issues?


Ol' Ron 12-28-2016 10:06 PM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

This works just fine, but why would you want to do it?

3twinridges 12-28-2016 11:00 PM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

Because it's what I have, any recommendations?

Ol' Ron 12-29-2016 09:53 AM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

Use EAB heads, more compression.

Ross F-1 12-29-2016 10:20 AM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

If the heads are shaved to give the ideal 0.050" clearance over the piston, is there really any difference between EAB's and 8BA's?

3twinridges 12-29-2016 11:03 AM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

Thank you Ron

My goal with this engine build is to have the most powerful V8 and it still look stock on the outside. It is going into an F1 and I am keeping the stock exhaust and stock Holley 94, so my cam options are a little limited. I do have a 4" Merc crank I am putting in it.

I have found both a NOS EAB cam and a NOS 1CM cam, if you had to choose between the two, which would you choose.

Anything else that I could do to improve things without taking away from the stock look, is there a difference in the EAB truck carb and the 7RT truck carb?


JSeery 12-29-2016 11:50 AM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

Might want to read JWLs book on the topic.

flatheadmurre 12-29-2016 11:59 AM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

Hope you realise that when you start changing stroke adding cam and compression you need to adress the distributor to if you want to get the most out of it.
1CM is basicly stock duration with a higher lift.
EAB is a bit less lift but more duration.
8CM is highest lift and a bit more duration then stock.

Ol' Ron 12-29-2016 12:24 PM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

The combustion chamber is a very complicated bit of engineering. The Factory has designed it to preform as best, under the various driving conditions it will see during it's operational life. That was over 60 years ago and allot has changed since then. First and foremost is our understanding of the combustion process. WE can take advantage of this by increasing the CR (Better gas), Tighter piston to head clearance( Quench area). And better timing curves. By increasing displacement you increase CR, By milling the heads you increase the Quench area, and by going to a modern distributor with the proper timing curves to thak full advantaged of these modifications. You can thank all the putzers for this information. Le4arning all this it important, because it affects the quality of the end product. You might consider an AF meter as well to determing the carb settings. No reason why these engines can't give good gas mileage as well and power.

40 Deluxe 12-29-2016 02:26 PM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

Get a 2 bbl. carb from a '55-'56 272 or 292. It looks just like an 8BA but has larger throttle bore and venturii. Bore out your stock intake to match.

Ol' Ron 12-29-2016 06:30 PM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

Not sure you can bore the stock intake that far, might have to use a merc intake.

40cpe 12-29-2016 07:30 PM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

What is the throttle bore on the 272/292 94 style carburetor? I have one that says Holly 2100 on the bowl section and has the spark control valve in the base. It has 1 1/4" bores like a 94.

40 Deluxe 12-29-2016 09:32 PM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

They have the venturi size (1 1/16") cast into the main body. Don't remember throttle bore size but believe it is bigger than a 94.

Wmurphy@whmcontractin 12-29-2016 10:51 PM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

Hey guys I'm trying to do the same thing. I have a 51' 1BA block bored .060" over with a 4" crank and an Isky 3/4 cam. I have 8rt heads milled to .050" clearance and a 8rt carb. I want to keep it stock looking but I have good power up to 3000 rpm' where it levels off. I'm thinking I going to have to change the exhaust. I have a set of Fenton cast iron headers but I was hoping not to do something so obvious. Any ideas ?

JSeery 12-30-2016 07:42 AM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

Exhaust manifolds on a mild flathead provide almost no difference in engine performance, use the stock ones if your interested in stock appearance. JWL ran dyno test on different exhaust configurations, check it out.

Wmurphy@whmcontractin 12-30-2016 08:58 AM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

Thanks, everyone talks about headers as the holy grail. It would make my day if I can keep my manifolds and maybe just increase the diameter of the exhaust a little. I love the feel of driving a truck that has the feel of the 50's. I had 3 cylinders with low compression and poor power so I thought the internal changes would make it more drivable. Maybe I didn't need it but after rebuilding the motor and trains for 2 years I didn't want to be disappointed.
Thanks for the advise and I'll look into jwl.

40cpe 12-30-2016 09:12 AM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?


Originally Posted by Wmurphy@whmcontractin (Post 1406467)
I have good power up to 3000 rpm' where it levels off. Any ideas ?

What is your distributor advance doing?

Wmurphy@whmcontractin 12-30-2016 09:21 AM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

I've tried idle settings from 2 degrees to 14 degrees and it seems to run best at about 4. I don't really know what the advance is

Wmurphy@whmcontractin 12-30-2016 09:38 AM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

Do you think I should relocate the vacuum source from the original port and install on a manifold source of vacuum?

john in illinois 12-30-2016 10:09 AM

Re: EAB cam with 8BA heads?

WM, How to buy JWL's book.


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