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rembrandt78737 10-07-2020 09:48 AM

1929 Model A Briggs Fordor Steering bracket fix

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Anyone out there figure out how to use a later steering column support on a 1929 Briggs Fordor? I had to fix a tank leak due to the tank mounted steering column support and don't want to use the tank mount again. I see a fair number of posts for other body styles, but the Briggs has a different dash support. In the 29 Briggs Fordor, the tank/dash mounts under a cowling. The upper flange of the tank is unsupported by the dash support except in the middle. It also sits almost flush beside the dash support. You cannot access the top of the tank flange or the top of the dash support flange to install nuts, so even if I drilled holes in the horizontal portion of the support, all the connections would be blind. Attempting to mount the bracket further forward using a custom bracket anchored to the accessible part of the dash support does not offer sufficient clearance with the steering column. I see no way to adapt the 30 support to this car. I'm open to custom options, just curious if anyone has come up with one.

PalAl 10-07-2020 02:16 PM

Re: 1929 Model A Briggs Fordor Steering bracket fix

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I'm going to jump on the train and follow this one, I had all the parts and ran into the same problem. Someone out there has figured this out I bet.

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