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Paul Bjarnason 10-04-2020 09:16 PM

tires for 1935 16" wheels

I am putting 1935 Ford 16" wheels on my '29 Tudor and am about to buy some tires for it. The car as a warmed up Model A motor from Schwalms and Lincoln brakes, so I'm hoping to be able to safely go faster than 45 mph. What do people think of this choice for tires and, if not, what do you recommend:

Chris Haynes 10-05-2020 01:15 AM

Re: tires for 1935 16" wheels

Here is my Tudor with 750x16 rear and 600x16 front. Firestone tires from Lucas Tire

oldbird55 10-05-2020 06:20 AM

Re: tires for 1935 16" wheels

Go with Diamondback

wmws 10-05-2020 08:42 AM

Re: tires for 1935 16" wheels

I am using Bridgestone 195x80-16 on my 28 Tudor. They are made for electric cars so have a little stiffer side wall and they roll really easily. Be aware that you are lowering your gearing some so you will go slower for the same RPM. They have an 86 inch circumference vs 95 inches for my old 21 inch wheels.

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