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leon bee 08-16-2020 07:14 PM

46 Half Ton Caster Wedges?

I've pulled the completely worn out frontend from beneath my jailbar project. Man, everything is worn- somebody didn't care much about grease. After I removed the leaf spring U-bolts to get the axle free, I found a caster wedge only on one side. Those big nuts were so tough to get off I had decided that all that had never been apart, but now I want to know about the wedges.

Is this an unusual circumstance, to find a wedge only on one side? Thanks a lot!!

51504bat 08-17-2020 08:01 AM

Re: 46 Half Ton Caster Wedges?

Just a SWAG (scientific wild ass guess). Wedge on only one side to make up for the weight of the solo driver?

Bob C 08-17-2020 10:29 AM

Re: 46 Half Ton Caster Wedges?

The parts book shows two wedges, 01Y-5336

leon bee 08-17-2020 12:17 PM

Re: 46 Half Ton Caster Wedges?

Thanks, guys. I know it isn't a common sort of question. I better round up another one.

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