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VeryTangled 01-29-2016 08:04 PM

Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

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Hi Everyone, A cool "running chassis" is coming up this weekend at 2016 Scottsdale. I have no interest in promoting this auction just saw something that was up our alley.

Could this be the one that was on the homepage for a while?

Not sure when it comes up.

From the listing: "Henry Ford built and displayed this 1940 Ford Cutaway Chassis to show the wonder of working parts and the new-to-1940 features, such as a manual shift on the column. The cutaway areas show interior details of the all-chromed V8 engine, brakes, transmission, differential and more. It was built for the Ford Pavilion display at the 1939 New York World's Fair, and was shown subsequently at state fairs and dealer showrooms across the U.S. In later years it was used in driver's education departments as an educational aid. One of the elite 40 1940 Fords invited to the Grand National Roadster Show for the 75th Anniversary of the 1940 Ford. Stamped #1. **SOLD ON BILL OF SALE ONLY**"

petehoovie 01-29-2016 08:07 PM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

Damn! I'm glad you posted this!

VeryTangled 01-29-2016 08:14 PM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

Hi, I'm watching Friday night on a live broadcast right now and I saw it in the background a few minutes ago.

Here's the discussion thread from the homepage:

It is on Saturday's docket, no idea what time of the day right now...

edit to update: looks like about 5pm plus or minus fifteen minutes

mrtexas 01-29-2016 08:24 PM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

I'd be very surprised if the auction is shown
on TV. BJ likes to show T&A a lot more.

willowbilly3 01-29-2016 09:06 PM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

That popped up a couple years ago, maybe on the HAMB. Seems like it was getting sold then or had just been restored, can't remember now.

Bill 01-29-2016 09:56 PM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

I noticed it in a background shot a little while ago myself. So we might as well do a little armchair bidding ourselves! What's the selling price gonna be in the madness that is BJ. Hard to compare it to anything but I'll say $77K based on nothing. What say all Y'all... Bill

VeryTangled 01-29-2016 10:15 PM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

Hi Again, Ray Everingham just did a little drooling over our subject. I predict under the 77k. My pick is 45,999.

37 Coupe 01-29-2016 10:16 PM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

The auction switches from Velocity channel tomorrow,begins on Discovery channel then switches to 281 Velocity. Not as bad as last year when it jumped all over the channels.

avrotom 01-29-2016 10:30 PM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

It's lot 1340 but don't know what time it comes up. I think it will break 50k. It would look good beside my Manderin Maroon '40, but alas, only dreaming.

carguybill 01-30-2016 10:29 AM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

Wouldn't it be nice if someone bought it and donate it to the Early Ford V8 museum.

41ford1 01-30-2016 11:05 AM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

I too think it will break $50K. I was there for the first two days. It depends if the "money" is in the room and those bidding like the item. Case in point two '51 Victoria's. Lot 678 stock $22,500, lot 127 stock appearing resto-mod $35,200.

sidevalve8ba 01-30-2016 11:25 AM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

I think I'll set my DVR to record the show and that way I can fast-forward through the stuff I could care less about watching which anymore seems to be most of it.

VeryTangled 01-30-2016 11:26 AM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis


Originally Posted by mrtexas (Post 1232545)
I'd be very surprised if the auction is shown
on TV.

Hi Everyone, I will actually be surprised if they DON'T show this one being auctioned off. The place it is parked is among some of the premium items. And because Ray Everingham did a bit on it last night, I think makes it a sure-thing that it will be on TV.

One nice thing about watching the auctions, Barrett-Jackson seems to sell a lot more of their cars than Mecum did last weekend. I don't know if BJ is exclusively no-reserve. It makes it a little more entertaining for me. (And by the way, if I were a seller, I don't think I'd ever try a no-reserve auction.)

As mentioned above by 37 Coupe, it's on Discovery from 3pm to 8pm, then goes to Velocity from 8 to 10, and from 10 to 12.

Anyone got an idea of how many lots they go through per hour? That might help pin down when to tune in.

alt63bird 01-30-2016 12:06 PM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

Doing the math, based on lot numbers my cousin was given for his Tug/Luggage cart that was first to sell on Tuesday (Lot #1) and his '67 Mustang fastback/Shelby clone that sold for $150K on Wednesday night at 8:30 pm CT (Lot #517), and assuming the auction going 10 hours/day, that would be approximately 2 minutes/lot. I would think that would vary depending on whether there was a lot of interest in a lot (more time) or marginal (run it through in about a minute).

VeryTangled 01-30-2016 12:46 PM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

Hi Everyone, alt63bird, Thanks for the help.

I think it's about the 138th lot to go across the block today. If there are 30 cars per hour that makes it about 7:30 ish. If there are 25 cars per hour that makes it about 8:30ish. At any rate it seems to be a part of the Discovery broadcast. (All this based on the auction starting at 3pm, as the broadcast starts then.)

To update something I said earlier, the location of the vehicle is described as "Showcase R-8."

Edit to add:


Originally Posted by carguybill (Post 1232780)
Wouldn't it be nice if someone bought it and donate it to the Early Ford V8 museum.

Wouldn't that be wonderful? If that happens I guarantee to buy more square feet! At least one more.

I just texted the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum and asked if it could be coming their way... The question came back, asking if I'd won the Powerball? The un-named source also said "hope for 70K."

rowens55 01-30-2016 01:29 PM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis


Originally Posted by sidevalve8ba (Post 1232803)
I think I'll set my DVR to record the show and that way I can fast-forward through the stuff I could care less about watching which anymore seems to be most of it.

That's what I do. Takes me about 20-30mins to go thru 4 hrs of programing. I only stop on th classic Fords anymore. All those high dollar scrubbiest and euro crap bore me.

VeryTangled 01-30-2016 01:34 PM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

Hi Everyone, A little digging and figuring and I put the time about 5:01, but would bracket it plus or minus fifteen minutes.

I found two lots with advertised times, one at 4pm, one at 6:30pm. There are 56 lots to take 150 minutes, and that makes 2.67 minutes per lot.

Our vehicle is 23 after the 4pm “Smokey” Trans Am. 23 times the 2.67 minutes is between 61 and 62.

So add 61 minutes to the 4:00 lot and Bingo! 5:01pm?

flatjack9 01-30-2016 05:54 PM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

It's 4:55 and the Smokey car hasn't made it to the podium yet.

VeryTangled 01-30-2016 06:12 PM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

HI Everyone, It's 6:11 and they just finished the Smokey Trans Am that was scheduled for 4pm. So about one hour to go as I calculate.

sidevalve8ba 01-30-2016 06:14 PM

Re: Barrett-Jackson '40 Chassis

Looks to me like they already sold it while at commercial. Brought $88K.

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