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Will Ziegler in LI NY 11-19-2016 09:24 PM

Snap-On spring spreader

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I guess some things are just meant to happen.

I was using my restored spring spreader for the first time today, removing a spring with my son. It just works so well that I have to say I love my Snap-On spring spreader.

The funny parts was that my father used to always refer to using this type of ratcheting spring spreader. He told me stories of when he was in High School and he had to change rear ends in his Model A Coupe on a regular basis because he blew them up with his 85 or 100 HP flathead V8. He always said if I ever found one like it to buy it.

Well a couple years after he passed on, I was helping clean out my wife's grandparents basement. Much to my surprise I found most of a V8 Snap-on spring spreader. Not quite a Model A spreader, but it was a start.

Later I found the Model A center portion on eBay, but it was sold. I contacted the buyer and ask him if he were ever wanting to sell it, to let me know. Well more than a year later I received a phone call. He could never locate the missing parts, so If I wanted it, it was for sale. I jumped at the chance since I figured I had all of the parts needed in the V8 spreader. I guess Dad was looking out for me.

Mitch//pa 11-19-2016 09:28 PM

Re: Snap-On spring spreader

You should put c - clamps around the spring pack on both sides.. if that little center bolt cut loose yo lose yo teeth..those smaller leafs are under extreme pressure..
Safety Chaining the outer sides to the axle housings is not a bad idea either

Tom Wesenberg 11-19-2016 09:58 PM

Re: Snap-On spring spreader

Yes, to what Mitch said. I had a spring center bolt let loose one time and the frame jumped up a good bit. Luckily my head was about a foot behind the rear crossmember when it happened.

That's a nice spring spreader, and the first Snap On one I've ever heard about.:)

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