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California Charlie 07-07-2012 02:24 PM

!931 Standard Roadster Patch Panel Work

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After all the time of preparing for this body work effort I'm finally all setup with MIG and TIG welders, grinders, and whatever else equipment I may need to do the Patch Panel Work on my 1931 Standard Roadster. I'm all ready to get into this work, but I'm a little gun shy on starting this without having the "absolute" and "best way" instructional information as to how to go about this effort.

What I believe I can do :) at this point in time is:

I have two entire 31 Roadster front cowl panels which I will be doing "Plug Welds" to attach the full size panels into place. I don't have a problem with that issue. I believe I'm okay in that respect.

What I'm having difficulty :confused: in figuring how to proceed is with the following:

Replacing the body rear quarters and rear wheel wells. Both sides.

I have Volume 3 of "HOW TO RESTORE YOUR MODEL A FORD" which has an article on doing the above work, however for those of you who have actually performed this flange and rivet body work (and seen this article) is this reflective of the best method? :confused:

I've seen offered "Butt Weld Clamps" offered for replacement sheet metal panel work. That differs from the instructional information given above which uses a "Flange Tool" to flange the panel for this work. Is one method better than the other?

I'm also needing to replace the rear sections of my Subrails. Is this a method where you just simply cutout the bad section and butt up and weld the new section in place? :confused:

I apologize for so many questions, but I've got my sleeves rolled up to do this work and I just need the appropriate direction as to how to proceed with the right and best way of doing this.

Thanks in advance for everyone who may offer assistance with my questions. Hopefully this will also help others who are ready to proceed with this type of body work. California Charlie a "Backyard Mechanic" up to the challenge.

juke joint johnny 07-07-2012 02:50 PM

Re: !931 Standard Roadster Patch Panel Work

Have a look at Flops work he is doing a roadster at the moment

See post; 30 Roadster Hot Rod in 56 time for refresh

just a few posts down from yours he will be doing the wheel arches next

but welds are best but more difficult to do . Get some scrap sheet metal and practise

till your happy with the results

John Cochran

Flop 07-07-2012 05:45 PM

Re: !931 Standard Roadster Patch Panel Work

well it sounds like you have the tools. how long have you been welding? if you have a tig im guessing you have been at it for a while ... I am 2 years into tig and have alot to learn still and have been doing it almost every day for those 2 years .

butt weld clamps will give you less then satisfactory welds with the tig because the gap is to wide .

here is what i shoot for as far as gaps go with the tig

the butt weld clamps are made for a mig and they still leave the gap a little wide for my taste . i shave then down til they are pretty thin . but not touching . mig likes a small gap.tig likes it as tight as you can get .

never use a flange tool and never rivet a panel in . . a flange is just going to be a place for rust to start . also it takes away valuable access to the back of the weld .

wheel wells are a bit of a pain as well . tedious welding and grinding .

anything else you need dont be afraid to ask!!

California Charlie 07-07-2012 06:42 PM

Re: !931 Standard Roadster Patch Panel Work

Thanks very much for the pictures and information! Very much appreciated!:)

California Charlie

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