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30-9 01-24-2021 06:56 PM

51 f1

All stock.

Today when leaving the house (after 5 min idle warm up) it felt like the emergency brake was on. I pushed clutch in and checked and the brake was off. I then left for store. All good except....when pulling into parking spot in first gear, a huge rapid bang bang bang and stumbling vibration - felt like the tranny was gonna fall out the bottom. I pushed clutch in, truck idled fine. After getting my wits back (scared crap out of me) I Let clutch out and truck acted like nothing happened. Went into store, drove home all good.

Truck has new front motor mounts, under a year old. . Rears I havenít changed yet.


3twinridges 01-24-2021 07:37 PM

Re: 51 f1

That sounds terrible. If the sound you heard was made while you were turning into the parking spot, I wander if you have an issue in the rear axle, like a chipped tooth in the spider gears?

I am sure more knowledgeable mechanics will be along, but If you are pretty sure it’s in the driveline, I would drain the fluids looking for metal in the gear oil or bottom of both cases.


fordf1trucknut 01-24-2021 08:49 PM

Re: 51 f1

I had something similar happen to me once in my f1. In my case it ended up beeing the pin in thr carrier that the spider gears are on sheared the roll pin, allowing it walk out a bit and smack the end of the pinion gear... did a bunch of damage.

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