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jan bogert 10-25-2013 04:29 PM

'31 latchs+strike plates.

I just installed my new latchs and strike plates, well I have the strike all the way front. which doesn't really matter, but why have the adjustment it would never latch if it was back any. next I installed the latchs well it just catchs the strike, the slightest movement on the handle and the door pops to the first catch. conclusion is the strike plates are to short. measured them and there 9/16. the old ones are worn and there almost 5/8. and there worn thin. to come out to where the first body latch is they would have to be 13/16-3/4 to be even I guess I have to make my own which I didn't want to because originals have the ribs, so do the aftermarket. there probally made over ANYONE RUN IN TO THIS WITH THERES? oh I forgot, the end of the spring wire was to long latch wouldn't seat till I cut that off, then I installed the door handle well the top screw if I tighten it like it was, then the latch flipper only goes in half way. now I got to cut the screw down. and it worked fine with the old latch. OMG what the hell are things coming to a simple change and its a nitemare!!

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