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lj nettles 06-19-2021 09:16 AM

Mile stone for the Model A

Dennis Kliesen of the Orange County Model A Ford Club has logged over 4,000 trouble free miles on his new Burtz Model A Ford Engine. Hats off to Terry Burtz for his engineering efforts.

GeneBob 06-19-2021 10:02 AM

Re: Mile stone for the Model A

Hear, Hear!

Richard in Anaheim CA 06-21-2021 12:37 AM

Re: Mile stone for the Model A

Congratulations to Dennis for a very successful trip with Terry Burtz engine"proof run".

And congratulations to Terry Burtz who made his, and our,dream come true with hundreds of new "Modern A" engines when others are still just talking.
Like Henry ford said" You can't establish a reputation on what you are going to do".

And congratulations to the author of this post, Leonard Nettles, and the whole crew who set the wheels in motion to get from paper, to cast iron, to our garages and as Dennis has shown to anywhere we choose.

Anaheim CA

old31 06-21-2021 09:22 AM

Re: Mile stone for the Model A

I can not imagine the time, effort, sleepless nights, and money it took Terry to get to this point.

My hat is off to Terry and all of his friends and partners that brought this dream to reality.

Ernie Vitucci 06-21-2021 11:42 AM

Re: Mile stone for the Model A

AMEN...Ernie in Arizona

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