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katy 09-05-2018 09:23 AM

Re: 29 Roadster ignition woes


I'm not getting a blue spark at the points, its white
Maybe I should have been more explicit, if'n it's a BIG spark, that suggests the condenser.

1929 Roadster 09-05-2018 04:22 PM

Re: 29 Roadster ignition woes

Wednesday, the 29 is purring like a kitten full of fish.. Changing the condenser gave me the hot blue spark at 1\4 inch!!! The old zenith #2 carb was leaking gas ,so I slapped in a Zenith #1 that I had already rebuilt ...( The rust problem in the tank made me always have a spare carb ready to go) Popped immediately and then Fired up after about 30 seconds of cranking and after a few adjustments she is running great !!! THANKS to all you guys for all your input , I learned a lot . Thank you Ford Barn for providing this forum for do it yourself guys . God bless you all . Jeremy

Anteek29 09-05-2018 04:44 PM

Re: 29 Roadster ignition woes

Great news...the forum comes through again!

1929 Roadster 09-06-2018 12:57 AM

Re: 29 Roadster ignition woes

Yes ...Last minute notes ! Tom , the Snyder's guy wanted me to bend the holed tab into a z shape.. This tab is on the lower plate that receives the ungrounded power end of the condenser. There wasn't enough of the tab to make the bend and have it fit...the condenser being nearly a 1\4 inch too long . So I see that yes I might have been able to bend the grounded end into a slant since the hole is oblong but not a z shape . Perhaps this is what the Snyder's guy was trying to tell me. Any way it's a moot point now since the way I did it is working fine . I appreciate all of your help .

To katy , No I was looking for the big blue spark on a head nut with the coil wire. After I changed the condenser ,I got that blue spark and then it fired right up ...With the weak white spark at both points and head nut , I got zip firing .. So I don't understand where you are coming from , but no matter, she is running great ! Thank you for attempting to help

Lastly I'd like to give a little history about this 29 . My father bought this car for 1200$ in 1962. This car was never really fully restored . It had a paint job ,New top and upholstery job . Dad and Mom got into some bad financial troubles in the 90's and we had loaned them quite a large amount of $ for us, a bit over 20 K. Dad died and Mom was going to sell the A to pay me back.. I had the car appraised and one was 17 K the other 13. So I bought it for 15K off their bill. Also this A has a Model B engine in it . The only real difference is the B has a water port between #2 and 3 cylinders that the A didn't and the valve cover is a bit different. Dad put an A head on it ,not knowing about the extra water port. No B heads around that I know of anyway. The water hitting the gasket eventually made it fail and it did a number on # 2 and 3 exhaust valves and seats rusting them badly . I bought 3 new valves , one for a lapper, cut one end of my wooden lapping tool off ,stuck it in my power screwdriver and lapped and lapped and lapped till I got seats that looked like they would work . I tapped out the water port hole, screwed in an allen head plug and JB Welded over it flush with the block. Never have had a bit of trouble with that homemade fix . I'm just wondering if any one else it here in Ford Barn land has had the same thing?? I have done the following to this car , New rear end axle and wheel seals,,5 of them, rebuild rear end , New brake pads all 4, New clutch, gas tank treatment , packless nut on the waterpump, then new waterpump, and numerous carb rebuilds . By the way , when I did the gas tank it had the original webbing material between tank and cowl etc , showing that it indeed has never been truly restored. When Dad bought it in 62 , it is like buying a 1985 car today. Not a big deal that it wasn't truly restored. It's a driver not a shower ,but looks reasonably good! This car and my 31 pickup ,( now sold) have been a great joy to me and my family over the years . Thank you all again ...Jeremy

30 Closed Cab PU 09-06-2018 08:57 AM

Re: 29 Roadster ignition woes

Nice, thanks for providing the cars history, really interesting.

Hope someone in your family wants it after you.

1929 Roadster 09-06-2018 11:03 PM

Re: 29 Roadster ignition woes

Me too!!! Thanks for the kind words!!

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