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Ken Arms 10-11-2019 10:53 AM

turn signals

is anyone on the barn using a Blinkie turn signal unit? They are pricey and I am considering one. I like how they clamp to column with out using hose clamp. Has nice features like time out and 4way flash and they look time period correct. Ken

Mart 10-11-2019 11:25 AM

Re: turn signals

There was a post on this subject just recently, by Clem I think.

mike in tucson 10-11-2019 11:25 AM

Re: turn signals

I have one in my 39 Ford coupe and a Blinkie dash in my 32 roadster..... but of course we would have them since we designed them. If anyone is interested, PM me and I will send the wiring diagram for you to look at. Unfortunately, we don't have a positive ground design. We have done a couple of installations for six volt negative ground cars but the Ford positive ground design is a future addition.
The Blinkie project started when we were trying to find a period correct turn signal for my 39. I bought a Yankee turn signal off EBay for $250; it was full of spiders, had dents, and the unit didn't have an automatic lever return. So... we designed the Blinkie to look like the old Yankee switch but to have modern features. About $70K later, we had the first 100 working turn signals done. As soon as we showed them, people said they liked the unit but their knee hit it when used in a 32 Ford. So we then designed the Blinkie Dash that has the exact same features but eliminates the polished casting. The entire project was a learning experience since we learned how to design for lost wax casting, polishing aluminum, getting a trademark, getting a design patent, etc.

Planojc 10-12-2019 09:06 AM

Re: turn signals

Has anyone tried the Electro-Tech, Inc. turn signals? Operates on 6 or 12v, pos. or neg. with self canceling.

mrtexas 10-12-2019 05:09 PM

Re: turn signals


Originally Posted by Planojc (Post 1808808)
Has anyone tried the Electro-Tech, Inc. turn signals? Operates on 6 or 12v, pos. or neg. with self canceling.

IMHO the best one on the market. I have two with one of them on a car I sold. The blinky seems to have all the features of the ET but more money and looks more period.

glennpm 10-13-2019 11:34 AM

Re: turn signals

Also happy with my Electro-Tech signals on my 32.


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