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Oberfranke 07-06-2020 02:34 PM

ground fault on upper distributor plate

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Today I found a ground fault on the upper distributor plate. The short circuit is at the bolt, which allows the rotation of the points. Here the insulation to the plate is not ok.
I see the construction of the plate at this point as problematic. Did somebody have this fault too?

Patrick L. 07-06-2020 03:33 PM

Re: ground fault on upper distributor plate

I can't quite see where you are talking about.But I've not had such a problem that I can remember if you're talking about what I think you're talking about. The movable point arm should be insulated.

chrs1961815 07-06-2020 08:44 PM

Re: ground fault on upper distributor plate

Sometimes plates have a post that is loose, and I don't use them. I have seen it happen on repros like you have, another reason why I don't use them. The post could also be shorting out to the plate because the insulator is not made and assembled right. Any metal to metal contact and you have no power.

Will N 07-07-2020 08:50 AM

Re: ground fault on upper distributor plate

Are you referring to the post that the point arm pivots on, or the post that the spring is anchored to? The pivot post is riveted onto the insulation pad, and if you look on the underside there isn't much clearance between the rivet tail and the plate. As chrs1961815 mentioned, if that post is loose, or if the rivet was bucked incorrectly, the rivet can make contact with the plate and short it out. If you are talking about the post the spring anchors to, you have to be careful when you attach the wire on the bottom that the flag or connector touches only the insulation and it does not make contact with the metal of the plate.

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