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Seabees 09-01-2020 01:02 PM

'32 BB rear engine mounts

Howdy boys. When I took this BB apart, it didn't have the rear engine mounts. Not sure what I'm looking for, but I need a pair (engine mounts that is!) Pictures would be wonderful, if you have any. I understand they have a vibration dampener rod(?) on each one. Thanks guys, I appreciate your knowledge!

DavidG 09-01-2020 01:44 PM

Re: '32 BB rear engine mounts

If you mean where the back of the transmission is attached to the center cross member, there was only one originally and no other rear engine mounts. It is flat incorporating a ring of rubber that the back of transmission inserts into and serves to minimize vibrations, etc. from being transmitted to the chassis.

Or perhaps you are referring to the engine steady rods, which also attach to the center cross member. The front end of those two rods insert into brackets that bolt to the sides of the flywheel housing if it is a four and into the cost-in holes on the side of the V8 bell housing. Their basic part number is 6028 and have either a B prefix or 18 prefix depending on the engine type. They are the same as was used on '32 passenger cars and commercial vehicles and are not insulated on either end.. Neither version was ever reproduced to my knowledge, but the four-cylinder versions (the longer of the two types) show up often on ebay. The shorter V8 versions are harder to come by.

Looking at a Ford archives slightly elevated photo of the right side of a cab-less '32 four cylinder BB chassis (as nearly all of them were fours due to the late release of the V8 engine for the truck chassis), I don't see either the engine steady rod or its bracket on the side of the flywheel housing, which raises the possibility that the big trucks weren't equipped with them. While that does not make complete sense since one purpose of the rods is to prevent clutch chatter, it's possible and given that I've never owned a big truck I could be wrong about them being so equipped. If so, my apologies for the confusion.

Newc 09-01-2020 11:13 PM

Re: '32 BB rear engine mounts

Interesting subject; I just inspected [flashlight] my 3 BB frames and they do not appear to be drilled for the steady rod mounts [2 pair of holes] . I have a fresh running '32 BB coming into inventory tomorrow---we'll see on it? Newc

DavidG 09-01-2020 11:40 PM

Re: '32 BB rear engine mounts

Unless it is a super-early BB, each steady rod would have three holes in the center cross member for it if it were there originally. One about 7/8" diameter book-ended by two for 5/16" bolts to attach it to the cross member (it passes through the cross member and is installed through the rear of the cross member).

Newc 09-03-2020 12:15 PM

Re: '32 BB rear engine mounts

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Hi; Have some photos of the cross members of two '32 BB frames. Newc

DavidG 09-03-2020 01:32 PM

Re: '32 BB rear engine mounts

Thanks! No holes for steady rods; I guess Ford thought truck driver's weren't fussy about NVH.

Krylon32 09-03-2020 01:32 PM

Re: '32 BB rear engine mounts

Have to look ehrn I go to the farm. When I cut up a long wheelbase BB chassis for scrap I kept the center cross member for what reason I can't remember. Incidentally before I cut the frame up I offered it for free on the HAMB and had no takers for a year. I gave my short wheelbase chassis to a friend who's going to build a flatbed truck.

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