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GOSFAST 07-28-2020 07:45 AM

Johnson Lifter Issues??

Not with the lifters themselves but with the pricing structure??

Up until today were able to buy the "B-2032" lifters in a tray of 92 pieces for a price that allowed us to resell them at $210.00/16.

Just went to place another order for 276 lifters (3 trays) and got the price quote of about $2000.00/per tray. This is "cost", what we would be paying.

This would "force" the new "out-the-door" selling price up to the $400.00 neighborhood per set (16 pcs)?? At this price level we will probably no longer be handling these lifters!

Not sure what the aftermarket sellers (selling the real Johnson's) will be offering just yet price-wise, but eventually as the old inventory "disappears" it will most likely be getting replaced by the newer pricing?? I'm guessing here and hoping I'm wrong?

As of today we will be shipping no more lifters until the "dust settles" so to speak! It won't affect our other parts we move!

Thanks, Gary in N.Y.

P.S. I contacted Paul at "Topline" to see exactly what's going on, haven't heard back yet, but I suspect all of the above will be true? Anyone who had planned a lifter purchase in the near future with us should wait a bit. I probably won't have any more available by then? Like I said above here, we need to stop shipping them as of today! I'll have more info on this subject after I speak with Paul!!

Step-down 07-28-2020 11:43 AM

Re: Johnson Lifter Issues??


lotsagas4u 07-28-2020 11:48 AM

Re: Johnson Lifter Issues??

Mike at third gen has the solution to this.

Talkwrench 07-28-2020 07:07 PM

Re: Johnson Lifter Issues??

I know times are tough but it sounds like they're shooting themselves in the foot Gary..

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