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FlatheadTed 08-19-2020 03:15 PM

Re: One of those annoying questions...

What about the Micheal OD fitted into the torque tube ,used a lot in Model As ,gives about the same ratio as a columbia ,produced in the USA . $2 to $3000,


FlatheadTed 08-19-2020 05:17 PM

Re: One of those annoying questions...

39 is perceived to be a better box I think because the Syncro can readily be changed ,the early boxes work ok at least my 34 does , in 36 they had the helical cut on 1st gear a bit quieter ,The problem with the early boxes ( Vanpelt would know more than me )is that few people set the syncros up correctly when rebuilding ,

Terranova 08-21-2020 12:23 PM

Re: One of those annoying questions...

When my wife and I started dating, we took a trip or two in my family’s Chevy in Ford street rod and my FIL saw how much fun we had with car. He started saying he wanted to get a corvette (def not my thing). I responded “dad, you can take the grandkids anywhere in a Corvette” so I talked him into getting the Fordor. He bought the car in September and he died the next March. It’s really “her” car.

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