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41panelmark 07-29-2020 01:20 PM

40 Deluxe glove box spring?

Is there supposed to be some kind of spring for the glove box door on a Deluxe that helps it pop out when you push the button?

Thanks in advance.

DMMuir 07-29-2020 01:49 PM

Re: 40 Deluxe glove box spring?


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19Fordy 07-29-2020 02:10 PM

Re: 40 Deluxe glove box spring?

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No, there is no separate spring that "pops" the door open. There is a spring inside the top latch that releases the little "hooked" extension from the glove box door latch. The weight of the glove box door then causes it to drop down and open by itself,giving the impression that it's spring loaded. If you push upward on the little "hook" you can feel the spring inside the push button latch. Note: The sheet metal clock retainer is not painted OEM color.

alanwoodieman 07-29-2020 06:12 PM

Re: 40 Deluxe glove box spring?

the rubber bumpers are supposed to do that, but like mine they are either hard or too short to do so.

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