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Ideucev8 06-16-2019 06:55 AM

32 Pickup Bed mounting bolts

What did Ford use for the front mounting bolts of the pickup bed? Did they go right through from the deck. I have a new Macks Products bed. Thanks,

Ideucev8 06-18-2019 05:13 PM

Re: 32 Pickup Bed mounting bolts

Can anyone help please

Ideucev8 07-06-2019 07:04 AM

Re: 32 Pickup Bed mounting bolts

Someone must know.
Thanks Phil

A bones 07-06-2019 07:52 AM

Re: 32 Pickup Bed mounting bolts

Can't imagine why this has gone unnoticed. I'll send a message to our 32 Guru.

glennpm 07-06-2019 08:04 AM

Re: 32 Pickup Bed mounting bolts


I don't have a 32 pickup but just did a search and found a possible answer. If these are mounting bolts, check your frame for matching holes, i.e., the distance between the bed holes and the distance between the frame holes. If they are mounting bolts they would go through the bed and then through the frame too.

DavidG 07-06-2019 09:03 AM

Re: 32 Pickup Bed mounting bolts


Pretty sound logic, it seems to me.

I wish that I could provide a definitive answer as I have a '32 pickup nearing final assembly, but I'm very far away from it at present; sorry.

Ideucev8 07-06-2019 09:34 AM

Re: 32 Pickup Bed mounting bolts

Thanks, The bed front cross member has holes that line up with the holes in the chassis, but it also has holes in the top of the cross member right under the wood as if the bolt may have come down through the deck.

glennpm 07-06-2019 09:51 AM

Re: 32 Pickup Bed mounting bolts

Since the bolt has a countersunk head, it will come down through from the top. Think about the assembly and final fit and finish. All the bed bolts go from the top side of the bed.


Ideucev8 07-06-2019 04:44 PM

Re: 32 Pickup Bed mounting bolts

Thanks Glenn. This is why i'm confused, when I had the Mack Products bed shipped down under they sent 2 countersunk bolts with it. I emailed them to ask about these bolts as the bed deck has no counter pressings in it & they told me 32 decks don't have those bolts.
Thanks, Phil

glennpm 07-07-2019 07:03 AM

Re: 32 Pickup Bed mounting bolts

Hi Phil,

I'm guessing that they neglected to press for the countersunk bolts. You could probably do it. Back up around the underside of the bed with a plate or piece of hard wood having a hole slightly larger than the countersunk bolt head diameter. A combination of drawing the bolt tight and hitting it with a hammer may be sufficient. There are tools to do this too. A lot depends on how hard the bed sheet metal is.

Does one of the bed slats cover the head? You could also just use a hex head bolt and provide a pocket on the back side of the slat to accept the head.


DavidG 07-07-2019 07:44 AM

Re: 32 Pickup Bed mounting bolts

The only wood in an original '32 pickup bed is beneath the steel floor; there were no slates on top. Some add wooden slats above to cover up rust issues in the original steel floor.

glennpm 07-07-2019 07:45 AM

Re: 32 Pickup Bed mounting bolts

Thanks David for the correction.


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