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1wonton 05-31-2016 04:44 PM


Can someone tell me what to do to able able to use my 6 volt horn on my 12 volt system? Thank you.


briphaeton 05-31-2016 05:28 PM

Re: Horn

You should run a voltage drop, they had a good one in the Restorer years ago, with the parts list to make.

CarlG 05-31-2016 05:31 PM

Re: Horn

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I got mine from Sacramento Vintage. It fits right inside the horn itself. Worked great.

1wonton 05-31-2016 06:10 PM

Re: Horn

Many thanks for the replies.


Tom Wesenberg 05-31-2016 07:20 PM

Re: Horn

You can buy a 1 ohm 50 watt resistor in series with the horn, to run it on 12 volts.

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