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Porfrm 04-29-2020 12:34 PM

32-34 distributor rotor gap

Looking at my 1935 distributor. Have new inner terminal cap. What should gap between electrode to rotor be? How hard is it to change rotor? Or is a rebuilt best option? Thanks for info.

Porfrm 04-29-2020 12:37 PM

Re: 32-34 distributor rotor gap

That should be 32 to early 36 distributor.

BUBBAS IGNITION 04-29-2020 01:35 PM

Re: 32-34 distributor rotor gap

I just checked one yesterday and it was approx .015 , Not a big issue really as long as the rotor is clean and in good shape . The coil will have enough reserve voltage to handle a little extra in most cases......
I would think it could handle up to .025 ( spark plug gap ) the rotor gap should never be greater than the plug gap........

Porfrm 04-29-2020 02:59 PM

Re: 32-34 distributor rotor gap

Thank you. This is my first rodeo.

Porfrm 04-29-2020 03:41 PM

Re: 32-34 distributor rotor gap

Well I checked the gap and it is .060. It did run with the old inner terminal cap. Points are fair shape . Not new. Change rotor and points or a rebuild? Suggestions happily accepted!

koates 04-29-2020 08:03 PM

Re: 32-34 distributor rotor gap

Well .060"seems a bit wide. There were many different aftermarket manufactures of these caps and rotors back in the day and variations in dimensions are possible. Genuine Ford parts are the best ones but are harder to find NOS today. Make sure the inner terminal caps are seated right down in the flange of the distributor housing. Sometimes the outer diameter of the inner caps seem to grow a little and need a little sanding to enable them to sit right down in the housing. If the engine performs OK then leave it alone. Regards, Kevin.

BUBBAS IGNITION 04-29-2020 08:49 PM

Re: 32-34 distributor rotor gap

I would agree that .060 is pretty big , have ya tried another set of caps ?? Does the car even have a problem ??? A rotor change is not a easy task...

Porfrm 04-29-2020 10:36 PM

Re: 32-34 distributor rotor gap

The truck sat for 35 years and I got it running and even a short drive. Have a new inner terminal cap as one was broke. That is what I measured. Motor sounded good when running. Have the motor and transmission removed now as the more I cleaned the further I went. Am down to bare chassis. This would be great time for distributor repairs as it is easy to get to. But may be I should put on new inner caps and leave well enough alone. The rotor does have slight wear slack, not bad. This is a 1 1/2 ton truck so am not gonna be taking long hauls!

35fordtn 04-30-2020 04:51 AM

Re: 32-34 distributor rotor gap

The rotor is easy to change if you have the distributor off anyways. In comparison to other mechanical components on a flathead these distributors are the easiest task to assemble and disassemble. Setting them up is the only thing that requires special tools. Once you’ve done a couple you can have one completely apart in less than 2 minutes.

BUBBAS IGNITION 05-01-2020 03:10 PM

Re: 32-34 distributor rotor gap

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Finished another helmet today with new rotor and new side caps . This is a later unit with small tipped rotor and small tips on cap sections .
Looks really good at approx .010 pretty good i would say , both side and all terminals look like this one....

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