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shaefer 08-31-2016 12:26 PM

Wanted: 29-31 Engine - non-running for restoration
City: Augusta
State: Georgia

I currently have a '31 Cabriolet with an original motor in excellent condition. It has been that way since I got it over a decade ago, and as such I have had very little experience with an engine rebuild, and I am absolutely not going to upset the apple cart by attempting to poke around in my engine to learn about it.

So, I am searching for a '28-'31 ('31 preferred) engine with crank, pistons, and head and preferably oil pan and starter. Valves, springs, radiator, clutch, carb, aren't quite as important. A distributor and coil would be nice, but also aren't at the top of the list as I already have some spares.

If you have something close, please message me. The intent of this is to restore a shot motor to running condition for learning purposes and to eventually have a spare motor on hand. Please no cracked blocks or heads.

Thank you!

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