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fordman 07-25-2019 11:42 AM

installing pickup windows 41 ford pickup

doors spiffy clean and installed new window glass retainers also the two elevators to raise and lower........QUESTION: How do I connect the elevators to the retainer/window-glass ?

I have done it, almost.



Tinker 07-25-2019 11:20 PM

Re: installing pickup windows 41 ford pickup

Are you talking the window track? There is a gummy rubber piece for that. glass to track.
The track is connected with spring loaded pieces to the window arms.

Check drake, mac, carpenter, ebay, autozone, etc

***I should add. when installing the gummy "tape" adhesive to the track and window make sure the window is all the way up tight in place. (by hand) then connect the two. Otherwise it might not index right to the channel/glass.

*** saw another thread that reminded me also. Tape thickness is also important. If this is what you are asking???

Hope this helps?

guess I'm bored. Did a search for you

Purchased all my felt and channel stuff from drake. It was spot on but like most aftermarket needed some tlc. 3yrs later I'm happy. 38 truck. Same as a 41.


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