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russcc 09-26-2020 09:29 AM

Pressurizing the oil system before initial startup

Over the years I have seen various posts on pre-pressurizing the oil system in the flatmotor before initial startup. The 59L has a 95% full flow oil pressure system, and I would likely tap into the output fitting at the block. I have a mechanical oil pressure gauge. Any suggestions on pressurizing methods. Thank you Fordbarners.

JSeery 09-26-2020 10:52 AM

Re: Pressurizing the oil system before initial startup

Several threads on the topic:

And a Rumble Seat post:

"rumble seat: 3/25/2000 - 2:04:00 PM
Chad: I made a pre-oiler some years ago that works great. I use it to check for pressure leaks on the engine stand and, again, to pre-oil when it's ready to fire in the car. Used a 2 gallon bucket, a piece of strap iron, and a junk Falcon 6 or V8 oil pump with the oil pump drive shaft (most any late oil pump will work), a couple of fittings, and about 4 feet of clear plastic hose (you can watch the oil going through the clear hose). Mounted the oil pump on the strap iron so the pump pick up is just barely off the bottom of the bucket. I vise grip the strap to the bucket to stabilize things. Took about 40 minutes to make everything form scrap parts. The oil pump shaft is turned by a reversible 1/2 inch drill. Connect the clear plastic line to the pressure side of the pump and route it up to where the flathead oil pressure sending unit is located. Dump in 4-5 quarts of oil and start the drill. When checking the engine on the stand, I leave the pan plug out and position the bucket under it so it will catch the circulated oil and recirculate it over and over. I hook a gauge to the block so I know it's getting pressure (about 40psi). After running it for about 5 minutes I let it drip for awhile before I install the pan plug. When in the car, I hook everything up the same way and pump the same 5 quarts used on the engine stand into the engine. I monitor the car's oil pressure gauge while I run the pump. After the bucket is empty, I pull the oil pan plug and let it drain. Then I refill the engine with fresh oil before starting the engine. I save the oil in a plastic jug that was recirculated and use it on the next engine. Several friends have borrowed it and are making their own. Incidentally, be SURE you fill the oil pump gear cavity with thick oil or light grease when you assembly the engine. Many times, the oil pump won't pick up a prime when they're dry and you get to pull the pan and do it later! rumble seat"

shoe box Jack 09-26-2020 11:31 AM

Re: Pressurizing the oil system before initial startup

What we used to do is fill the oil pump with STP fill the engine with 15 40 roll the engine over on starter with no plugs less then 1/2 minute have full pressure . Jack.

Ronnie 09-26-2020 11:45 AM

Re: Pressurizing the oil system before initial startup

Just pressure up with garden sprayer Google it there are many.


russcc 09-26-2020 07:51 PM

Re: Pressurizing the oil system before initial startup

Good ideas. No plugs. Heavy oil in pump gear. Also the garden sprayer. I wonder if they can push 15W40 Shell Rotella oil.

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