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19Fordy 10-10-2015 12:10 PM


Are the 1940 Ford and 1941 FORD coupe rear ends the same width and are they interchangeable? Can the 1941 Ford torque tube be used to replace a 1940 Ford torque tube? Are they the same length? Thanks, JIM I know the wheelbase of the 40 is 112 in. and the 41 is 114 in. so this makes me wonder.

V8COOPMAN 10-10-2015 12:16 PM

Re: !940 and 41 REAR END QUESTIONS

Hey Jim.......This link will answer all your questions. Pay particular attention to the difference between spring hangers. '41 is kind of an oddball. DD

ford38v8 10-10-2015 12:18 PM

Re: !940 and 41 REAR END QUESTIONS

Not totally interchangeable, but can be done without too much effort. Torque tubes not. Lots of good info on this link.

sidevalve8ba 10-10-2015 12:35 PM

Re: !940 and 41 REAR END QUESTIONS

That is some good information DD and Alan. I will file it away for future reference. Thanks.

19Fordy 10-10-2015 05:37 PM

Re: !940 and 41 REAR END QUESTIONS

THANK YOU all for the excellent info. Sadly, the 41 torque tube is longer than the 40.

V8COOPMAN 10-10-2015 07:09 PM

Re: !940 and 41 REAR END QUESTIONS

So, just what were you trying to accomplish? DD

19Fordy 10-10-2015 08:55 PM

Re: !940 and 41 REAR END QUESTIONS


Originally Posted by V8COOPMAN (Post 1170304)
So, just what were you trying to accomplish? DD

I wanted to obtain a 41 torque tube (thinking it was the same as a 1940) and experiment with it to figure out a way to make a sealing device to prevent gear oil from the rear end from leaking forward into the torque tube. My 40 has a pretty severe "rubber rake" and the fluid in the rear drains forward. I know there were several folks making this type of seal (Vern Tardell and Seabright Hot Rods) but they are no longer making them. As far as I know the only other "seal' is being made by Butch's Rod Shop in TX. This thread explains all three company seals.
I really like the seal unit developed by "Detanator" pictured in the above thread, but they are no longer making it. My friend has a 41 Ford rear end that I was hoping I could experiment with rather than take my car apart. It seems that the main problem is that the ID of the torque tube is dimensionally "out of round" resulting in fitment problems with the interior wall of the Ford torque tube at the banjo end. Plus, I don't have a lathe big enough to turn the ID of a torque tube "round". Then there's the wall thickness issue. I like the traditional look of the banjo rear, torque tube and radius rods and don't want to change over to an open drive line. I owned my 40 for 52 years and can't bring myself to loose that "old school" drive train. Plus, it would be neat challenge to solve this common problem. One idea is to figure a way to modify the "clam shell and flange" (found on the front of a torque tube) so that it could fit tightly inside the banjo end of of the 40 torque tube. I know there is a better mouse trap.
Thanks for asking. JIM

V8COOPMAN 10-11-2015 08:46 AM

Re: !940 and 41 REAR END QUESTIONS

Well Jim, I know that YOU, of all people, have the tenacity and vision to get this one figured-out and percolatin' to your satisfaction. Until then, park that thing with the front tires up on 6" ramps between road trips. DD

19Fordy 10-11-2015 09:45 AM

Re: !940 and 41 REAR END QUESTIONS

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Thanks for the kind words. Stay well. Click on photo to see that I am always driving down hill.

19Fordy 10-11-2015 10:37 AM

Re: !940 and 41 REAR END QUESTIONS

The following site shows the 1937-41 torque tube is 69 7/8 in. overall length.
However, the dimension given in the site mentioned above says the length is 71 inches.
The BIG GREEN BOOK shows the 1937-41 Ford Pass. and Comm) torque tube part # to be 68-4504 but gives no length.
Does any Fordbarner know the correct measurements for each of these drive shafts?
I always thought 37-41 torque tubes were the same OAL and were interchangeable. I would hate to buy one and find out I goofed. Thanks.

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